I Sued a Restaurant After It Gave Me Food Poisoning

The following is the story of how I sued a restaurant that gave me food poisoning. I have left out names and other specifics to keep everyone’s identities private.

Have you ever been to a restaurant where you think you’re getting a good meal, but afterward you start to feel queasy? I mean, we all know that there are restaurants that simply look dirty from the outside and when the menu is grimy, you know it’s a bad place and a good idea to get out of there. This is just common sense, but what if you eat at a restaurant that looks all clean and shiny, but its food actually poisons you? It can happen, and it happened to me.

Food poisoning is absolutely horrible. Depending on the degree of food poisoning, it can make you throw up for a couple of hours or lead to days of agony and even hospitalization. I was one of the unlucky ones. My food poisoning was so bad that, after vomiting and having diarrhea for hours and hours, my family finally rushed me to the emergency room for help. After being checked out by the doctors, I needed to be pumped full of fluids to rehydrate because my body was in such agony.

I was scared out of my mind and that was nothing in comparison to how frightened my kids were. Seeing me writhing on the floor in pain, buckled over, and unable to even stand scared them so much that they were crying and completely inconsolable. It was totally traumatic, and it was their reaction, combined with my own agony, that caused me to call an attorney and file a lawsuit.

At first, the restaurant refused to take accountability. They tried to blame me and say I had the flu or that I was doing something else to make me sick, but this was totally untrue. It was my attorney who had to go to work and get evidence to prove that I wasn’t lying but that I really was poisoned by the restaurant.

It took some time and some digging, but eventually they got the evidence they needed to prove that it was the restaurant’s fault. We tried to settle the case and went back and forth with the restaurant, but, still, they were not exactly eager to pay me. Finally, my attorney advised that we just go to court and ask for a jury trial so a third party could decide how much my case was worth.

We did just that, and it really well. My personal injury attorney argued my case in court and showed evidence of what the restaurant did to make me sick. He also showed how horribly my life had been impacted by the food poisoning.

The case went my way, and the court awarded me enough compensation to cover all my expenses and then some, to make up for the pain and suffering I went through.

I can’t express how glad I am that I got a lawyer, filed a claim for compensation, and followed through. Restaurants like this should not be able to poison people, and if filing a lawsuit makes them stop, it’s worth every second.